Atomic Swap.
Bitcoin to Monero.

You send Bitcoin to the Atomic Swap Provider and automatically receive Monero to your Monero wallet. The full process takes just a few moments longer than the duration of the Bitcoin transfer.

Amount Required.

Min:  0.001 BTC    = 0.3638 XMR
Max:  0.500 BTC    = 181.9121 XMR
Rate:  0.0027486 XMR/BTC

Enter the amount of Bitcoin you would like to send. The amount of Monero you will receive will then be shown below.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Monero Address.

Enter the address where you would like to receive Monero (XMR).

Monero Wallet

Get a Monero Wallet

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Advanced Users

How It Works.

Once Bitcoin has been sent the purchase of Monero will complete automatically, even if you leave our website. A unique Swap ID will be provided at the next step to allow you to view the status of your purchase at any time.

As soon as your funds are received Monero will be instantly transferred to your Monero address. Being powered by Atomic Swaps ensures there is no middleman and no unforeseen delays.

Should any problems occur you will be refunded to the Bitcoin address used. Any refunds are completed within 10 minutes.

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