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COMIT Network Command Line Interface.

The purest (but most complicated) way to complete an Atomic Swap is to use the open-source command line tools created by the COMIT Network.

These tools allow you to search for Atomic Swap providers and complete a Bitcoin -> Monero Atomic Swap using simple commands directly from a terminal interface.

To assist with this we run a dedicated Atomic Swap Backend purely for Command Line Interface Atomic Swaps

If you already know how to use the tools you can connect directly to our server at:


Learn more at:

COMIT Developer Hub : Monero-Bitcoin Atomic Swap

1) Download

Download the latest release of the swap tool at:

Select the relevant build swap_0.12.2_*.* for your operating system.

2) Extract the Binary

Open the binary to extract the swap executable file.

3) Start the swap

Open the Terminal and navigate to the executable before running the following command..

./swap buy-xmr --receive-address YOUR MONERO ADDRESS --change-address YOUR BITCOIN REFUND ADDRESS --seller /dns4/

4) Deposit Bitcoin

Deposit Bitcoin to the address shown in the QR Code, making sure you include enough to cover the fees of the transaction.

5) Receive Monero

The on-screen log will show you the process of the swap. Wait for the Atomic Swap to complete and you will receive Monero to the Monero Address supplied.

Open-Source Web Interface.
(We're working on it)


Downloadable Code to Verify & Run Locally.

Our open-source code is readily accessible for the purpose of content verification and local execution. By making our code available, we encourage you to delve into its contents, ensuring transparency and credibility.

This approach also empowers you to run the code on your local system, fostering a deeper level of security with the convenient functionality of our services.

The open-source code automatically connects to our Atomic Swap servers, however this can be edited to any server you require.


Execute the code within your own environment, ensuring that nothing leaves your server and nobody is aware of your activity.


Self-verify the code for validation that your trades are securely made via locally executed Atomic Swaps.


Escape the command-line and benefit from our easy-to-use web interface, with the security of local execution.

24/7 Uptime

The tools instantly connect to our always-on Atomic Swaps servers. Alternatively, simply edit the URL to connect to any third-party server.

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